Workshops and RIMP seminar:

Promote a space of collaboration between academia and government, where RIMP members and public policy professionals can learn from each other and impact the policy debate on migration in Chile.

RIMP Platform:

  1. Operate a public platform for disseminating international migration research, such as calls for papers, fellowships, postdoctoral funds, and other private and government funding opportunities in the field of international migration.
  2. Promote networks of collaboration between academics, researchers, and the Chilean state, through the dissemination of research initiatives.

RIMP Corporate Government

RIMP will be governed by a Directory and a collegiate board. The Directory shall determine the general lines of action, and the Collegiate board will execute those actions. The responsibility for the coordination between the Directory and the Collegiate board rest with the RIMP Coordinator, who is also the webmaster of the Network.



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