The International Network of Migration and Public Policy Researchers (RIMP) aims to inform migration policy debates, through the dissemination of knowledge oriented towards a better understanding and management of the problems accompanying immigrants’ integration to host societies.

As a primary means of achieving its mission, RIMP is an inclusive and permanent instance of cooperation among researchers all around the word, and in the specific case of Chile between academics and the Chilean Department of Immigration (DEM).


Be a source of expert and scholarly knowledge for the government, congressional representatives and other social actors for formulating, evaluating and /or implementing public policies on international migration more generally and -when available- to the Chilean context more specifically.


  1. Contribute with academic products aiming at informing policy makers and the public debate on contemporary international migration, with a specific focus on Latin America and Chile.
  2. Contribute with significant empirical data to help reflect and advance theory, methods, and multi-disciplinary understanding in the field of migration studies; and generate capacity among researchers and practitioners.
  3. Build a stable and mutually beneficial collaboration between RIMP researchers and DEM on issues associated with international migration in Chile.

RIMP is a network of international researchers integrated by:

  • Senior Researchers: researchers with at least one ISI publication or 2 Scielo (or equivalent) or equivalent experience.
  • Intermediate Researchers: researchers with at least 1 publication Scielo or equivalent.
  • Initial Investigators: researchers holding at least 1 or doctoral thesis or Master thesis on international migration.

The purpose of RIMP’s member registration is to:

  • Engage with research users and communicate RIMP members’ profiles to external sources.
  • Private registry of RIMP Members for Network governance related activities.